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that cater to your furnishing needs impeccably
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BUILT TO LAST Forget the thought of replacement for what we provide are durable FOR ETERNITY Taken roots in 1979, we have been consistently providing the finest
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Saaf ply, located in the town of Kannur city, Kerala is a supplier of various kinds of wood products from different parts of the State. Founded in 1979, we offer a wide variety of wood products including plywood, film-faced plywood, MDF, hardboard, and different kinds of fancy items, like Melamine and Veneer. With great professionalism and experience in the industry, the company would provide the customers with comprehensive quality service, at the same time, by virtue of an advanced management model, outstanding innovation ability, and continuous price competitiveness.
Our products
At Saaf, we are responsible for both selling and procuring the products. We travel extensively, visiting both client and suppliers and in doing so, we are always in possession of relevant and up to date market and product knowledge.
Multi-wood collections


Multiwood is an ideal substitute for wood. It is an eco-friendly material, capable of being recycled, made up from U PVC polyester resin. That’s not all, Mutliwoods are waterproof, corrosion-resistant, fire retardant and termite-resistant. Also, they



Manufactured from wood veneer, Plywood is a wooden sheet extensively used for furnishing, interior decoration, etc. From our dedicated MR ISO graded plywood to Gurjan plywoods and black rhino plywoods we offer an assortment of



Veneers are thin wooden sheets sliced from wooden logs. They are known for their durability and versatility. Veneers can be glued to various surfaces and help in elevating the appeal of the decor. At Saaf, we provide all types of decorative



Laminates are composite materials composed of paper and resins pressed together in a press while simultaneously applying heat and pressure. It is widely used as a surface material for furniture, MDF, plywood, as well as in flooring, and wall panelling. It



Adhesives are non-metallic substances applied to the surfaces of two elements to be held together. Unlike other binding techniques, it is capable of bonding two different materials. They are used extensively for furnishing materials and even


Maharajas logo

We are happy to have taken the decision to purchase SaafPly woods for our interiors. Once the work was over, the interiors looked incredible and very appealing. Besides, our customers are appreciating the inside view of our jewellery showroom, all thanks to SaafPly.

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As renowned furniture providers, our focus was to deliver quality products to our customers. With the help of SaafPly’s plywood collection, we were able to achieve not only quality but also durability. This has helped us in building a huge customer base. We are so grateful to SaafPly for helping us achieve our mission.

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We offer customized interior works for our clients and SaafPly have been our reliable partner in this journey. They are one of the most trustworthy brands we have worked with and never fail to deliver the products as promised.

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Really impressed by SaafPly’s transparency throughout the purchase process. They deliver the products within the agreed timelines which helps us finish the engineering works without any delay. Most importantly, SaafPly’s high-quality multiwood and laminates have helped us maintain high customer satisfaction.

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SaafPly offers best in class decorative veneers that help us deliver interior works that perfectly meet the expectations of our clients. SaafPly is amazing and now it is our first choice for decorative veneers.

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We are a group of interior designers who strive to deliver innovative designs for clients’ homes and this would have been impossible without the help and support from SaafPly. Their plywood and decorative veneers made from the finest woods cater to our needs perfectly.


It was amazing working with SaafPly. SaafPly is an excellent combination of quality, knowledge and transparency. Their efforts are incredible in delivering services on time. We thank them for that.

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We have been partnered with SaafPly for more than 3 years with an aim of offering a charming home experience to our customers. It’s been a wonderful journey together and we wish to continue it as such.

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We had a good experience working with SaafPly. Their dedication and support are amazing. We look forward to working with them again.

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SaafPly’s high-quality products have a huge role to play in all our construction works. They have helped us to be limitless in our field of work. Thank you so much for your support.

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We design mesmerising homes for our clients and we would like to thank SaafPly for their endless support in making it possible on time.

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Thank you SaafPly for helping us be one of the best in the field of construction and interiors. The quality and durability of SaafPly products are unmatched.

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We appreciate SaafPly for its dedication to delivering the products on time. SaafPly products have been an asset to our design works and help us maintain our class in the industry. Thank you so and we wish you success in all your future ventures.

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SaafPly sincerity and professionalism have won our hearts. Thank you for your amazing services. We had a wonderful time working with you.

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The high-quality and durable products from SaafPly have helped us elevate the appeal of our decor. Our customers find it attractive and elegant. We are very grateful to SaafPly for helping us win our customers’ hearts.

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We strive to provide gorgeous interior designs that reflect a client’s style. Partnering with SaafPly for achieving this has been one of the best decisions we ever took. Thank you SaafPly for being a part of our successful journey.

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Our team of engineers highly depend on SaafPly products for transforming our clients’ projects to the next level. They give their 100% in everything and it’s clear from their product quality as well as the timely delivery.

Why Choose Saaf Ply

From Plywoods and Veneers to Laminates and Multiwoods, our products are manufactured using the finest wood to give them the quality you expect.

With flexible payment options and by providing assistance to select the right product, we ensure simplicity.

The last thing we want is our clients refusing to purchase our products due to hefty prices. To that end, we have made our products as cost-efficient as it gets.

Be it any product or service, you can rest assured that you get the best out of them.

We go in tandem with the innovation in the plywood industry. This enables us to update our products according to the trends and have better involvement in the market.

Our periodical market studies enable us to get a clear picture of the industry and this further enables us to create perfect strategies